54 Gandhi Road

In the footsteps of Kangyur Rinpoche

About Kangyur Rinpoche

Who was Kangyur Rinpoche? One of the first Tibetan Masters who, heeding the imminent danger to Tibetan Buddhism during the Cultural Revolution of the 1950’s, braved the arduous journey over the Himalayan Mountains to India, rescuing many thousands of Buddhist texts [2 tons] that otherwise faced potential extinction.

The 54 Gandhi Road project

54 Gandhi Rd is a feature documentary project on the extraordinary life story of Kangyur Rinpoche and of the select few Westerners who discovered him in Darjeeling India in the early 1970's.


A dedicated bank account has been opened and all contributions will go towards essential film costs.


The Trailer

The team

Executive producers:
Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche, Tulku Pema Wangyal Rinpoche and Jigme Khyentse Rinpoche.

Producer: Kim Hegan
After 40 years producing live events and for television, Kim now puts his production skills to a project close to his heart. www.hegan.co.nz

French producer: Fabrice Frank
ELEPHANT est un groupe de production audiovisuelle, travaillant pour les chaînes de télévision françaises et les nouveaux médias dans tous les genres de programmes. elephant-groupe.com

Director: Yeshe Hegan
Yeshe has a degree in filmmaking, and experience as writer/director on a number of short films, including documentaries.
Example short films: Larkings Landing (documentary), Live! (short film).

Director Of Photography: Fred Renata
Fred is one of the most acclaimed in his industry and was D.O.P. for both of New Zealand's top grossing and award winning films for both 2013’s "Mt Zion" and a true Kiwi Cultural classic "Poi E".

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